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Our team acts as a trusted partner of quality improvement and clinical teams in U.S. hospitals and health systems through our highly customizable research that is focused on established best practices and also our syndicated reports on proven peer practices and tools that serve as helpful points of comparison or vehicles to drive quality improvement efforts.

Through quarterly best practice reports, monthly publications, webinars and other events, implementation tools, and an analyst advisory service, our team is poised to assist organizations to become more patient-centric and value-based, providing multi-level analyses and solutions to the common barriers and issues that occur before, during, and after care.

How we help

Our Cost & Quality Community offers resources for frontline staff and clinical leadership, including CMOs, CNOs, and CQOs.

Analyst advisories

Customized, on-demand primary and secondary research based on members’ personal requests.

Best practice reports

Data and case studies on best practice strategies for improving performance.

Featured research

Publications covering industry trends, proven strategies, and tips for improving performance.

Implementation portfolios

Job aids and planning tools to assist leaders in implementation and follow-through of best practices.


Webinars and live events offer a unique learning opportunity featuring peer perspectives.

Our approach

We work with hospital and health system leaders to develop revenue cycle best practices to help you address your key business questions: 

  1. What are the best practices for a specific process?
  2. What interventions have my peers implemented, and what lessons learned should I be aware of?
  3. Can you find an organization for me to network with?
  4. What are new innovations within the industry?
  5. Can you review my organization’s current policies, can I see my peers’ policies, or can you create an updated sample policy for me?
  6. What are the national trends of how do I drive measurable improvement?

Responding to emerging trends
Our Cost & Quality research framework includes:

  • Population health management:
    Learning how healthcare organizations are going beyond hospital walls to address unmet needs and social determinants of health–cultivating food security, economic stability, transportation and care accessibility, and more.
  • Continuous improvement culture:
    Driving the long-term success of your quality improvement initiatives by harnessing the initial enthusiasm of your staff and using proven strategies to sustain improvement for years to come.
  • Nurse retention strategies
    As nurse turnover rates rise, retaining nurses is more important than ever.

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