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Increase revenue, improve employee performance, and enhance the patient experience through targeted learning programs that address organizational need

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Learning programs

Train your staff on the skills needed to enhance performance and encourage continued development through Healthcare Business Insights Learning Solutions. Whether you are looking to increase employee engagement or train on specific process and technology changes, our Learning Solutions empower improvement through the deepest end-to-end insights and analysis in the field.

How we help


  • Account Resolution
    • Workshop focused on what impacts A/R and common occurrences that delay A/R resolution, review of common contractual and revenue cycle terminology, and gain an understanding of the impact account resolution has on the revenue cycle.
  • Customer Experience
    • Workshop series (3 sessions) focused on learning about and practicing different communication tools and soft skills that promote effective, empathetic, and professional interaction with both internal and external customers in mind.
  • Trainer Development
    • Workshop combining onsite or virtual trainer critique with training best practices
    • Learn-Do-Evaluate soft skills training using Financial Conversations Workshop
  • Financial Conversations
    • Workshop focused on building a basic understanding of the impact of patient collections on the revenue cycle, as well as the human impact of collections on the community. Staff will focus on scenario and script analysis and build confidence in overcoming the challenges of common point-of-service collections interactions.


Certification programs

  • Certified revenue cycle leadership
    • Effective management
    • Performance analysis
    • Managed care
    • Information technology
    • Federal compliance
  • Certified patient access specialist
    • Scheduling and registration
    • Patient information collection and guidelines
    • Financial clearance
    • Health insurance (commercial and federal/state)
    • Point of service collections
  • Certified patient financial services specialist
    • Billing practices
    • Collections (third-party/self-pay)
    • Denials and underpayments
    • Accounts receivable
    • Billing forms and regulations
  • Certified healthcare leader
    • Structural frame: allocation of responsibilities, process management, and project management
    • Work environment: climate, negotiation, succession planning, remote team management
    • Communication: feedback, interpersonal understanding
    • Professional and regulatory responsibilities

Custom course building

  • Healthcare Business Insights’ learning advisors work with your team to transform training content into interactive, engaging, and effective learning
  • Content developers transform static material with dynamic storyboarding and scripting
  • Our media team records and edits professional sound and voice-over
  • The graphic design team brings the course to life with industry leading graphics and animation
  • Detailed quality and content assurance analysis performed at all stages of course development
  • Course delivery through our interactive learning platform or seamlessly integrated into yours

Custom assessments

  • Interactive skills assessments designed to identify knowledge gaps and lead to improvement initiatives
  • Learning advisors work with you to develop role specific questions and competency assessment programs
  • Robust reporting on assessment outcomes to accurately reflect staff competency

Custom certifications

  • Create custom programs for your organization to promote targeted goals and maximize policy and procedure compliance
  • Participants are awarded a custom, professionally designed, organization specific certificate
  • Custom certification examples:
    • Financial assistance
    • POS collections
    • Billing and collections
    • Denial management
    • Customer service
    • Medical records

Our approach

Healthcare Business Insight’s learning services allow you to train your staff in the skills needed to enhance performance and encourage continued development. Whether you are looking to increase employee engagement or train on specific process and technology changes, our e-learning content is developed through our research communities to empower improvement through the deepest end to end insights and analysis in the field.

With over 200 custom courses created to date our provider learning team works alongside your process and system experts to develop customized training. These self-study courses allow staff to improve fluency in your organization’s policies and procedures, close revenue leakage gaps, and reduce spend through adoption of value driven distance learning. Our learner scorecard provides each learner with a personal dashboard of their grades and activity directly linked to the learning modules. The scorecard also allows those who actively support learners such as training supervisors and managers to see real-time actionable data which provides visibility into trends and knowledge gaps for all learners enrolled.

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