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The keys to unlocking value

Clarivate has brought together a unique set of capabilities that enable you to unlock the full potential of your IP. By removing friction in key business processes and informing better decisions, we can help you.

Innovate faster

Find and capitalize on innovation opportunities before your competitors do

  1. Discover innovation opportunities faster – understand the technology trends and gaps in the market
  2. Optimize innovation processes – ensuring more efficient and effective innovation by focusing on the right opportunities
  3. Commercialize IP assets more effectively – understand the value of your protection and identify opportunities for monetization

Protect and manage IP

Secure, maintain and protect IP assets more effectively and more efficiently

  1. Select the right protection – identify which ideas and brands are worth filing IP right for
  2. Secure the best protection – determine how and where to protect your ideas and brands
  3. Safeguard IP rights from infringement and lapses – maintain and protect your IP assets against risks and threats

Reduce total cost of operating

Optimize your IP processes and costs so you can do more with less

  1. Optimize IP processes – automating manual tasks and removing friction and administration burdens
  2. Reduce the number of providers – systems and tools you use across the innovation cycle, integrating fragmented systems, processes and data
  3. Better forecast and manage innovation/IP costs – understand your past and future spend and identify areas where you can lower costs

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