Investing in and extending IP management

One of the most exciting things about the combination of Clarivate and CPA Global is the opportunity to leverage our combined strengths to deliver solutions that are greater than the sum of our parts. Case in point: IP management systems (IPMS). In this post, we want to update you on how we are elevating IP management by introducing integrated IP Lifecycle Management. (Read more about our vision for the future of IP in our ongoing blog series.)


Maintaining what works for you

Corporate and law firm IP professionals worldwide rely on CPA Global IPMS solutions: FoundationIP, Inprotech, Ipendo, IPfolio, Memotech, Patrawin, The IP Management System and Unycom. Now as part of Clarivate, we are committed to the stewardship of these solutions, both today and into the future.

If you are currently using a CPA Global IPMS solution, we want to assure you that Clarivate will continue to invest in and extend it.

We understand the role it plays in your processes and we are committed to ensuring that we avoid disruption. In fact, we are extending the value of our established IP management solutions with additional capabilities. These include seamless access to cloud-based Clarivate resources such as patent and trademark data validation and enrichment, integrated search and watch, litigation data, real time insights like prosecution analytics and more. Stay tuned for updates on these exciting enhancements.


Expanding IP management

What’s more, our commitment extends beyond investment and support of our existing platforms. IP management is a key component of our broader business strategy going forward.

In our discussions with corporate IP leaders and law firms, many express the challenges they face in managing their IP portfolios. They recognize the tremendous value potential of these assets but they struggle with disparate tools, time-consuming manual processes, steadily increasing patent and trademark volumes and static or shrinking resources to manage it all.

Moreover, their siloed systems don’t provide the holistic view needed to generate actionable business insights—like identifying the most productive R&D groups or benchmarking their IP portfolio against those of competitors.

The time is right for a new approach: one that transforms IP management from an administrative burden to an efficient driver of business value.

At Clarivate, we are working to shift the paradigm from a docketing-centric mindset to a truly integrated IP Lifecycle Management model. This model doesn’t just connect existing tools, tasks and processes, like critical IP maintenance activities, it also expands upon what is traditionally thought of as IP management.  One example of this is of a set of new capabilities we’re bringing to market, which allows IP departments to collaborate and communicate better with their extended network, manage invoices and streamline information flows, all of which would traditionally be done outside of their IPMS.


A transformative experience

At its highest level, our new model brings together a broad array of IP management services with best-in-class data and automation capabilities across the entire IP lifecycle. The result will be a digital IP user experience that connects professionals with the functionality, services and insights they need at any point in the lifecycle—configured and delivered in ways that work for them.

In doing so, our fundamental goal is to drive:

  • operational excellence by reducing friction in management tasks,
  • improved collaboration by connecting professionals with the larger IP ecosystem, and
  • better decisions informed by data-driven insights.

Realizing this vision requires a degree of integration that has never been achieved in the IP industry, yet is common in other industries that prioritize user experience and “frictionless” access to a range of interconnected services to meet customer needs. Historically, our fragmented IP market – with capabilities dispersed across a series of providers – has been a true impediment to developing a fully integrated IP lifecycle management system. Today, with the industry’s broadest array of IP management services, the richest data and deepest IP lifecycle knowledge under one roof, Clarivate is uniquely positioned to bring together previously separated capabilities in a way that will enable our customers to unlock the full potential of their IP.

We’ll be sharing more information about this exciting initiative in the weeks ahead. In the meantime, thank you for your continued trust and partnership.


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