Embracing the shift toward virtual engagement of healthcare professionals

Three approaches to help medtech companies target and reach best-fit accounts and stakeholders

As healthcare shifts toward a multimodal, virtual and in-person model of care, in-person meetings with reps are rarer. For commercial teams, this can mean fewer physician touchpoints and shorter interactions, requiring different strategies to adapt to this new environment. With many medtechs working to recoup the value of sales lost due to the pandemic as provider organizations work through their elective diagnostic and surgical backlogs, adapting to this emerging environment is critical.

In this free eBook, Clarivate experts share tips and best practices for targeting and engagement, including how medtech commercial organizations can:

  • Develop a differentiated multichannel engagement strategy that addresses the needs and preferences of their audiences;
  • Optimize virtual and omnichannel marketing strategies by re-evaluating marketing messages and upskilling sales reps;
  • Prioritize targeting by integrating a variety of data sources to identify the most influential and productive customers;