Patient journey: mapping the emotional journey™ to build brand empathy and better support patients

The Challenge

A large pharma preparing to launch a cutting-edge procedure for certain cancers needed to understand the relationship between emotion and patient behavior within an oncology condition group and patient subgroups in order to enable targeted communications that speak to varied needs and motivations of a diverse patient population. They needed to understand:

  • Where patients were struggling
  • What information and support resources they were seeking
  • At what points in the patient journey their brand could best address these unmet needs.


The pharma brand team partnered with Clarivate to utilize our library of social taxonomies. Clarivate social analytics experts segmented anonymized voice-of-the-patient data by stage of the patient journey.


Clarivate then overlaid a 14-point Emotional Journey™ indexing solution to reveal the ebb and flow of emotions as patients progress through management of the condition in order to:

  • Surface patient perceptions, motivations and behavior
  • Pinpoint unmet needs and pain points at key stages of the journey