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Accelerate drug discovery research

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Analyze your biological data how and when you need it.

Optimize drug discovery and accelerate research with high-quality systems biology intelligence and analytics.

Understand the molecular basis of disease and generate hypotheses for biomarkers, targets and mechanisms of action. Access the critical data you need in the way that makes most sense to you and your organization.

How we help

  1. Model and understand disease pathways
    Understand how your drug could potentially impact disease pathways and investigate causal mechanisms using detailed data manually curated by PhD- and MD-level research professionals.
  2. Understand and visualize biological relationships
    Build networks, unrestricted in size and data type, to understand and visualize biological relationships and molecular interactions annotated with mechanism, directionality and effect.
  3. Identify and validate targets and biomarkers
    Explore biological, chemical and disease context for biological topics of interest using one comprehensive source of all critical data.

Why choose us

Programmatic access to data repository

  • Choose direct programmatic access to all or part of the underlying data from MetaBase
  • The full library includes:
    • 4M+ molecular interactions
    • 1.5K+ molecular pathways
    • 1K+ molecular networks
    • 4.5M+ publication references

User-friendly workflow tool

  • Easily run one-click bioinformatics and time-saving workflows with access to the same data via MetaCore™, a Cortellis™ solution
  • In addition to a full library, MetaCore also includes:
    • 14 ontologies, including pathways and GO
    • 11 molecular network analysis algorithms

State-of-the-art analytics

  • Direct data delivery on-premise or in a flexible, fully secured and maintained hosted environment
  • Sophisticated analysis of multiomics data across previous research
  • Retrieve and filter content, manipulate molecular networks, create sub-networks and create functional analysis scripts

Regular updates

  • Always have access to the latest information with quarterly updates
  • Data pulled directly from peer-reviewed literature and each data point cited by PhD- and MD-level research scientists

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