Reimagining research impact: Introducing Web of Science Research Intelligence

Discover how the Web of Science Research Intelligence™ platform will revolutionize research evaluation by driving responsible innovation and demonstrating societal impact.

At Clarivate™, we recognize the pivotal role that research plays in shaping the future. That’s why we’re excited to announce the development of Web of Science Research Intelligence, a next-generation software solution powered by AI that will empower researchers to accelerate breakthroughs and research institutions to better measure and showcase the impact of their research.

Empowering innovation in a changing landscape

In today’s rapidly evolving research landscape, institutions face increasingly complex challenges that demand innovative solutions and strategic approaches. Clarivate conducted extensive research throughout 2023 to better understand current priorities and pain points among university research office executives. In addition to the Research Offices of the Future report from Research Professional News™, product teams also conducted a series of in-depth qualitative interviews with leaders around the world. From mounting pressures to secure research funding to an urgent imperative to demonstrate societal impact beyond publications, the hurdles are diverse and ever present. University leaders and researchers must navigate increasing cost pressures, adapt to new technologies such as AI, and maintain the integrity of research outputs to remain competitive and relevant. Web of Science Research Intelligence represents the next generation of tools designed to empower institutions to meet these challenges head-on.

Currently being developed in partnership with leading academic institutions, Web of Science Research Intelligence is an AI-native platform that embodies a vision centered on three pillars: unification, innovation and impact. It seamlessly integrates funding data with research outputs that include publications, patents, conference proceedings, books, policy documents and more. Based on these data, the platform identifies relevant funding opportunities within emerging research areas, equipping institutions and researchers to innovate.

  • A conversational assistant powered by generative AI enables all users to gain insights and create qualitative narratives for more balanced impact assessment, from data scientists to those with limited analysis experience.
  • Tailored recommendations for collaboration and funding help early career researchers build their networks and all researchers position themselves to win.
  • A new framework for measuring societal impact beyond traditional citation metrics will empower researchers and institutions to showcase the broader impacts of their work.

Unlocking the societal benefit of research 

Research funders and policymakers are increasingly placing a premium on the societal benefits derived from research investments. This shift underscores the growing imperative for research institutions to deliver findings that not only meet rigorous academic standards but also yield tangible contributions to the public. The Institute for Scientific Information (ISI)™ recently discussed the challenges of assessing the societal impact of publicly funded research and announced the forthcoming release of our proposed framework. With Web of Science Research Intelligence, institutions gain the ability to unearth and spotlight their sociological, economic, environmental, political, technological and sustainability impact at various levels — be it at the organizational, departmental, or researcher level — and the flexibility to define their own impact. This capability not only enriches the research narrative but also strengthens the case for continued support and recognition in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Web of Science Research Intelligence isn’t only about driving innovation; it is also about enhancing institutional efficiency and effectiveness. Recent studies have underscored the inefficiencies inherent in traditional research management processes. Researchers and administrators spend countless hours re-keying publication and grant information into university systems, while only a fraction of institutions effectively utilize data for decision-making. By streamlining administrative tasks of collecting, unifying and tracking faculty research outputs, our platform reduces friction so that researchers and administrators can focus on advancing knowledge and driving change— a fundamental aspect of our mission.

Shaping the future together

As part of our commitment to innovation, we recognize the invaluable role of collaboration with the research community. That’s why our approach to developing Web of Science Research Intelligence is centered on partnerships with research institutions. This partnership not only fosters trust in the technology and its applications but also ensures that our solution remains relevant and impactful in meeting the evolving needs and addressing the most pressing challenges of the research community.

“The University of Manitoba looks forward to being a strategic partner in the development of next-generation methodologies for assessing global research performance and emerging trends.”

Dr. B. Mario Pinto, Vice President (Research & International) University of Manitoba

“We are pleased to partner with Clarivate and peer institutions in the development of a novel technological solution to harness the power of research intelligence. Web of Science Research Intelligence has the potential to transform the way we map, fund and measure research opportunities and societal impact. This collaboration is a strategic move to integrate our collective expertise to benefit the global research enterprise.”

Dr. Massimo Ruzzene, Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation and Dean of the Institutes, University of Colorado Boulder

As we continue to develop Web of Science Research Intelligence in collaboration with academic partners around the world, we’re excited about the impact it will have on the future of research. With our platform, institutions will not only enhance their funding prospects and global visibility but also cultivate stronger research teams and solidify their position as leaders in innovation and academia.

We invite you to join us in shaping the future of research with Web of Science Research Intelligence. Together, we can unlock new opportunities, drive responsible innovation and shape the future of research and research management.

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