Trademark Filing to Registration Support

Keep up with the volume and speed of trademark registrations across the globe with our end-to-end solution.

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Providing support, structure and visibility

Confidently navigate complex international trademark registration processes with Clarivate trademark filing and prosecution support services

Trademark registration workflows require substantial manual processing. Moreover, differences in local procedures add to the complexity of case monitoring and management.

Our filing to registration support provides the resources, structure and visibility you need to effectively manage complexity and risk.


  1. Relieve your team
    Get the support your trademark team needs to manage fluctuations in work. We expertly handle the administrative workload allowing your team to focus on more valuable tasks.
  2. Unlock your budget
    Put your budget and resources to better use by outsourcing trademark filing to registration workflows with us.
  3. Get coherent data for analysis
    Receive coherent and reliable data that is ready to be used in your reports thanks to our rigorous and consistent data entry methodology.

How we can help

Structured workflows

Our agent collaboration guidelines eliminate many points of confusion, align expectations, and deliver efficient collaboration across the entire agent network. This allows us to minimize overhead and keep costs competitive.

Agent communication management

We manage all correspondence with the local agents in the filing-to-registration process. Moreover, we docket all communications and documents, including communications received directly from IP offices, reducing your workload.

Invoice management

We control incoming invoices, bundle them and invoice you on a monthly basis, decreasing the pressure on your team and budget. Receive full visibility over your spend with regular reports.


We produce regular reports on the volume of cases processed and the quality of the work performed by agents. This allows ongoing monitoring and evaluation of your agent network.

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