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Trademark research and protection

The global marketing landscape is constantly changing, driving exponential growth in trademark activity—and increasing risk for your brands. The need for reliable, actionable trademark information has never been greater.

CompuMark trademark research and protection solutions by Clarivate enable you to create, expand and protect strong brands with confidence. Make critical trademark decisions with certainty, powered by our unmatched global content, innovative tools, industry-leading expertise, and best-in-class service. Why risk your valuable brands to anything else?

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  • Get reliable insights on demand. Our online solutions help you quickly screen or research word marks, images and industrial designs or trade dress in jurisdictions worldwide.
  • Clear your brands with confidence. Analyst-led searches provide quality content, comprehensive coverage and a spectrum of solutions to help you extend your coverage or sharpen its focus.
  • Safeguard valuable brands. Comprehensive watch solutions deliver the timely information you need across more than 200 jurisdictions to minimize brand dilution and lost revenue.
  • Analyze results quickly and efficiently. Our trademark analysis and online collaboration tools help you pinpoint key results quickly, create custom reports in seconds and manage international search or watch projects easily.
  • Gain greater context with global IP case data. Integrated trademark case data across screening, search and watch results helps enhance your decision making and improve your efficiency.

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