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Patent intelligence software

Many companies waste money filing for patents that are never granted or suffer from costly litigation and product changes following erroneous freedom to operate (FTO) analyses. Mitigating these risks and staying ahead of competitors requires reliable patent intelligence.

Clarivate patent intelligence solutions enable you to monitor global and regional technology trends and competitive landscapes. They help you make confident investments, inform FTO opinions, prosecute patents, monetize and license assets and support litigation activities.

Driving transformational change in the U.K. water industry

How one organization used innovation data to create industry-leading recommendations


How we help

  • Make confident decisions on patentability, FTO, or invalidity with enhanced global patent content, scientific literature, litigation case data, and proprietary search and analysis technology.
  • Keep on top of competitors with legal status monitoring and insight on technologies competitors are focused on.
  • Unlock unique business insights with searchable company data and tools for modeling M&A, partnerships or licensing deals and evaluating IP portfolio value and strength.
  • Access relevant patent cases from jurisdictions around the world to inform your patent litigation and defense strategies.
  • Transform patent search data into valuable business insights to make critical decisions quickly and confidently.

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