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Libraries, Teaching & Learning

In 2021, ProQuest joined Clarivate. Together, ProQuest and Clarivate provide the most comprehensive solutions to advance research, discovery, teaching and learning, and innovation across disciplines. Now, you can access 600 years of unmatched content paired with innovative digital tools to drive research excellence and student success.

How we help


Connect students, faculty and researchers with comprehensive, authoritative content that spans disciplines, centuries, formats, perspectives, voices, geography to serve virtually any classroom assignment or research passion.


With our precision indexing and discovery, students and researchers gain 360-degree views of topics – including diverse voices and perspectives — enabling them to draw their own conclusions and generate their own breakthroughs.


Our intuitive, made-for-purpose interfaces focus users – whether librarians, students, faculty or researchers – on their highest value tasks so they use time efficiently.

Our solutions

Full spectrum of intelligence solutions to advance research:



Explore content that drives engagement, that supports all learning styles and preferences, and that truly connects your students with their curriculum.

Support research on today’s global challenges – such as climate change, human rights and infectious diseases – with authoritative content and researcher-centric tools.

Assess how much space and cost you can save by replacing hard copies of books, historical periodicals, archival materials, etc.

Ensure the representation of diverse users and reflect every voice, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability, age or belief.

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