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Demand for new revenue, cost pressures and emerging competitors are challenging businesses and law firms like never before. To survive and thrive, organizations must work smarter and be more agile, focusing on the right innovations and getting them to market faster – while reducing costs.

Clarivate IP intelligence solutions provide clear insights to help you capitalize on market opportunities; build, manage and protect strong brands; and mitigate risk along the way.

How we help

  • Make decisions with confidence, based on quality data that’s trusted by the world’s most innovative companies, law firms and PTOs.
  • Accelerate critical insights with AI-powered analytics solutions combined with correlated patent, trademark, litigation, non-patent literature and firmographic data.
  • Sharpen your competitive edge with IP intelligence you can use for a variety of high-value analyses – from evaluating IP value and risk to performing competitive intelligence.
  • Expand your capabilities by leveraging our team’s deep expertise and proven analytical methods to more efficiently discover, protect and commercialize your innovations.
  • Address your specific needs with purpose-built solutions and expertise to support your industry-specific needs and clients.

Patent intelligence software

Turn patent data into actionable business
intelligence to drive critical decisions.

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Patent search and analytics services

Make patent decisions based on in-depth
analysis and expert research.

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Trademark research and protection

Clear and protect your brands with reliable,
global trademark intelligence.

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Chemistry and life science

Make R&D decisions with accurate and
timely insights on science-based IP.

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IP data and APIs

Enhance the value of your IP systems with
reliable, high-quality Clarivate data.

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of the world's most valuable brands* rely on CompuMark


IP professionals rely on
Darts-ip case data


of the NASDAQ-100 and the 100 largest non-financial companies use Innography

*Interbrand 2019 Best Global Brands

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