Student Spotlight 10/27

Hello, my name is Maya. The volunteer I have interviewed is Sanja. She is thirty-seven years old. I am fourteen. This would be my second year attending Cabrini Connections. Sanja has attended for four years. I am a freshman [at Lincoln Park High School]. My tutor’s name is Carly and Sanja’s student is Abena. I am looking to attend Columbia of Chicago or University of Texas in Austin, and I want to study Graphic Design. Sanja has attended Depaul University here in Chicago. Sanja’s favorite subject is math, mine is biology. Sanja is an Actuary. She studied math with concentration in Actuarial Science. In the beginning of her career she worked for an insurance company but she had to take exams to become an actuary. Due to her five month old baby she has no time to participate in hobbies but she enjoys spending time with her child. My hobbies include dance and cheerleading. Sanja heard about Cabrini Connections through an ad at Starbucks. I’ve heard about the program through my brother.


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