Student Spotlight 10/21

Hello, my name is Avonjae, I am 15 years old and I’ve been at Cabrini Connections for 4 years. My tutor’s name is Katie. I grew up in Chicago. I am in 10th grade at Noble Street College Prep and my favorite subjects are math and science. A college I am interested in attending is Western Illinois, but I am  not sure what I want to study. My hobbies are dancing, acting, eating, sleeping, and taking pictures. I found out about Cabrini Connections through Tutoring Chicago.

Meet Daniela, one of our volunteer tutors at Cabrini Connections. She has been here for 2 years. Her student is Taveisha. She is 29 years old and she grew up in Milwaukee, WI. Her favorite subject was marketing and she is currently a marketing manager. She’s worked with online people who bring traffic to the website. Her hobbies are traveling, being active doing yoga, and she heard about Cabrini Connections from a friend who she worked with.


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