Student Spotlight 10/14

My name is Javon, I am 17 years old. I’ve been with Cabrini Connections for 6 years. My tutor is Charlie. I grew up in Chicago, IL. I am a senior at Lincoln Park H.S. My favorite subject is Gym. I would like to attend college at Mississippi State University and major in Business. My hobbies are playing basketball, music, hanging out, and fishing. I heard about Cabrini from my mother and [older] brother.

This is John and he is 49 years old. This is his 5th year at Cabrini. His student is Vashaun. He grew up in Evergreen Park and went to school at Penn. His favorite subject is World & U.S History. He is a Financial Advisor and started at Chicago Board of Trade. He worked his way to be a trader, which lead him to be a Financial Advisor. John’s hobbies are Music, Golfing, and Gardening. He heard about Cabrini through Steve [Miller, Executive Director].


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