Student Spotlight 10/27

Hello, my name is Maya. The volunteer I have interviewed is Sanja. She is thirty-seven years old. I am fourteen. This would be my second year attending Cabrini Connections. Sanja has attended for four years. I am a freshman [at Lincoln Park High School]. My tutor’s name is Carly and Sanja’s student is Abena. I am … Read more

Student Spotlight 10/21

Hello, my name is Avonjae, I am 15 years old and I’ve been at Cabrini Connections for 4 years. My tutor’s name is Katie. I grew up in Chicago. I am in 10th grade at Noble Street College Prep and my favorite subjects are math and science. A college I am interested in attending is … Read more

Student Spotlight 10/14

My name is Javon, I am 17 years old. I’ve been with Cabrini Connections for 6 years. My tutor is Charlie. I grew up in Chicago, IL. I am a senior at Lincoln Park H.S. My favorite subject is Gym. I would like to attend college at Mississippi State University and major in Business. My … Read more

Student Spotlight 10/6

My name is Art. I am an 8th grader who attends Blaine School. I have been in the program one year. My tutor’s name is Calvin. My favorite subject is math. My favorite thing to do is to use the computer. The person who I am interviewing is Isaac who is 33 years old. His … Read more

Student Spotlight 9/30

My name is Vashaun. I am 17. I been here for 5 years. My tutor is John. I am from Chicago. I go to LP [Lincoln Park High School]. My favorite subject is biology. I want to attend NSU of Louisiana. I’m not sure what I would like to study.  My mom told me about … Read more

Student Spotlight 9/22

I am Brazil Jenkins and I am 14 years old, my tutors name is Isaac Melton. I am a freshman at Lincoln Park High School. My favorite subject is choir. When i get older I want to go to Notre Dame to study law. I’ve been going to Cabrini Connections since 2nd grade. My mom … Read more