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Do you consider yourself a well-dressed person? Do you follow famous fashion houses on social media? If you’re at school or already a student and you have a keen interest in all things fashion, join Cabrini Connections. You will have a personal mentor that will coach you about how fashion houses operate, what fabrics are better suited for each type of clothing, and what will be fashionable in the coming season. As well as that, you will also find like-minded people to hang out with and make new friends! Isn’t it exciting? With the help of your friends, you can also start and promote courses in your free time. Create an exciting, brand-new online learning course about fashion to spread the art of dressing well all across the globe. Do some research on the best ways to attract an audience, and go for it! Promote online education to people of all ages and nationalities. You’ll surely have a blast teaching an online course! Follow your dreams.

Student Spotlight 10/27

Hello, my name is Maya. The volunteer I have interviewed is Sanja. She is thirty-seven years old. I am fourteen. This would be my second year attending Cabrini Connections. Sanja has attended for four years. I am a freshman [at Lincoln Park High School]. My tutor’s name is Carly and Sanja’s student is Abena. I am … Read more

Student Spotlight 10/21

Hello, my name is Avonjae, I am 15 years old and I’ve been at Cabrini Connections for 4 years. My tutor’s name is Katie. I grew up in Chicago. I am in 10th grade at Noble Street College Prep and my favorite subjects are math and science. A college I am interested in attending is … Read more

Student Spotlight 10/14

My name is Javon, I am 17 years old. I’ve been with Cabrini Connections for 6 years. My tutor is Charlie. I grew up in Chicago, IL. I am a senior at Lincoln Park H.S. My favorite subject is Gym. I would like to attend college at Mississippi State University and major in Business. My … Read more

Student Spotlight 10/6

My name is Art. I am an 8th grader who attends Blaine School. I have been in the program one year. My tutor’s name is Calvin. My favorite subject is math. My favorite thing to do is to use the computer. The person who I am interviewing is Isaac who is 33 years old. His … Read more

Student Spotlight 9/30

My name is Vashaun. I am 17. I been here for 5 years. My tutor is John. I am from Chicago. I go to LP [Lincoln Park High School]. My favorite subject is biology. I want to attend NSU of Louisiana. I’m not sure what I would like to study.  My mom told me about … Read more

Student Spotlight 9/22

I am Brazil Jenkins and I am 14 years old, my tutors name is Isaac Melton. I am a freshman at Lincoln Park High School. My favorite subject is choir. When i get older I want to go to Notre Dame to study law. I’ve been going to Cabrini Connections since 2nd grade. My mom … Read more