Investing in innovative IP legal strategies during challenging times

With economic storm clouds gathering on the horizon, corporate and law firm intellectual property (IP) teams face a multidimensional challenge. Budgets and staffing are tight, competitive pressures are on the rise, and clients and business leaders are demanding more for less—without compromising quality. This creates a unique inflection point for rethinking how IP teams operate. Is this the right time to make strategic investments in new ways of working?

In this white paper, three IP legal experts examine how IP law firms and in-house legal teams can drive successful outcomes by investing in transformation now—and avoid playing defense later.

Meet the experts:

Tina Powers
Intellectual Property Operations Manager
Robert K. Burger
Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer
Sterne Kessler
David Weirich
Vice President and Associate General Counsel, Patents
The Procter & Gamble Company