Clarivate Regulatory Intelligence Tracking App (ClaRITA)

Streamline business-specific regulatory monitoring and impact assessments.

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Provided by: Clarivate

Provide your pharmacovigilance, safety, clinical, and technical operations teams the information they need to monitor changing legislation and regulations and remain in compliance. In this off-the-shelf solution from Clarivate, daily alerts from Cortellis Regulatory Intelligence provide up-to-date information to support business-specific regulation monitoring, the systematic business rules for impact assessments and the actioning of required changes.

Maintain compliance and increase approval rates.

Receive regulatory updates for all of your teams, including regulations specific to pharmacovigilance operations, good clinical practice (GCP) regulations that impact clinical operations and development teams, and regulations affecting good manufacturing practice (GMP) and good laboratory practice (GLP) for technical operations and manufacturing.

Utilize tools that enable task management of assigned tasks, user access to tasks, and actioning of tasks. In addition, generate performance reports on task resolution and trends by groups and users.

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