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For any organization creating long term business plans, truly understanding the market you operate in is vital. We help businesses access the information they need to develop their strategic vision, whether that is developing a new product, operating in a different region, or depositioning a competitor.

We provide access to insights into market, product and regulatory trends through our Dialog® platform. This content can be precisely searched, ensuring you get a true understanding of your organization’s place in the world, and how you can build better business plans. And with the Dialog® Alerts Manager, you receive an instant notification when a relevant article appears, ensuring you’re always aware of the latest trends.

Our business and competitive intelligence research solution is designed to help anyone that needs to have the latest market insights, from business consultancies and commercial lawyers to product development and marketing teams.

Features and benefits

Flexible pricing

Our flexible pricing models means you only need to pay for what you use. In the Dialog platform, our customers can access the world’s best patent and non-patent literature databases at a price and commitment level that suits them:

  • Standard Transactional Plan: Pay-as-you-go access
  • Commitment Plan: Discounts when you commit to a minimum annual contract value
  • Choice and Site License Plans: Flat rate subscriptions for specific databases or groups of databases

Precision search and alerts

The Dialog search tool offers precision search functionality across all of our databases, with search results natively output into XML.

And with the Dialog Alerts Manager, you can manage multiple searches and schedule regular search alerts so that you’re always kept up to date with the latest developments.

Hands-on support

We can help create custom search strategies to find the right results in our content. Our support team can help streamline your approach to competitive and business intelligence and ensure you don’t miss out on vital insights.

Comprehensive content

We provide access to over 140 content databases, including key business and news titles like Investext (Thomson Reuters Embargoed Research Collection) and ProQuest Newsstand Professional. All content is standardised to provide a consistent search experience, eliminating the need for complex post-processing.

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