2023 CMR International Pharmaceutical Clinical Factbook

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Provided by: Centre for Medicines Research (CMR) International

Access reliable, comprehensive, and up-to-date data to uncover clinical trial trends and insights, gathered by the Centre for Medicines Research (CMR) International, a wholly owned subsidiary of Clarivate. The 2023 CMR International Pharmaceutical Clinical Factbook brings together proprietary data from leading Pharma and Biotech companies – of all sizes and therapy areas – to provide objective information and actionable insights to position your clinical trials for success with trusted expert analysis. 74% of top 50 pharma rely on CMR’s 20+ years of experience to inform their R&D and clinical decisions.


Inform your clinical strategy with detailed insights and analysis.

Benchmark your trials against industry leaders and competitors to make more strategic decisions for your pipeline. Access comprehensive, proprietary data including:

  • Regional and country-level comparisons of trends in clinical trials
  • Trends in clinical trial durations between 2017-2021 by phase and therapeutic area
  • Proportion of clinical trials with protocol amendments, by phase
  • Median cost per subject treated, by phase
  • Trends in clinical trial outsourcing

Utilize presentation-ready “rich-data” Microsoft Powerpoint files that provide the results in a clear, easily understood format. Each slide is accompanied by a succinct explanation of the methodology used and the definitions applied. Take advantage of the 50+ robust charts, tables and graphs that are exportable to other applications, and drill down to the underlying data in each interactive chart or graph with the click of a mouse to analyze the figures behind the trend.

Provide access to the “rich-data” enterprise Powerpoint file to unlimited users within your organization. Install the file on your company network or intranet or distribute it openly to any employee in your organization.

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