On-demand Webinar

Old drugs, new life: Harnessing Drug Repurposing for Breakthrough Treatments

Ezequiel Anokian
Bioinformatics Consultant, DTS
Martí Bernardo-Faura
Senior Bioinformatics Consultant, DTS
Sarah Bonnin
Bioinformatics Consultant, DTS

Drug repurposing aims to discover new therapeutic opportunities for existing drugs.

During the webinar, we will discuss the current challenges that typical drug development pipelines face and highlight the benefits of drug repurposing approaches to speed up launching successful drugs to the market. We will show how drug discovery and molecular interaction databases coupled with computational pipelines integrating machine learning, AI and Systems Biology helps prioritize targets and drugs.

This approach has the potential to improve drugs launch success rate, compared to traditional drug development, reducing time and cost in the drug discovery timeline by (potentially) skipping:

  • Basic research, de novo target discovery and screening, drug design.
  • Preclinical studies (in vitro / in vivo experiments to test for toxicity, efficacy)
  • Phase 1 (test safety, tolerability, feasibility)

This webinar will answer the following questions:

  • How drug repurposing approaches differ from standard drug development pipelines?
  • What are the benefits of drug repurposing (success rate, cost, timeline)?
  • What computational methods currently exist to tackle drug repurposing?
  • What are the challenges of drug repurposing?