Disease Landscape & Forecast

Comprehensive market intelligence and actionable insights help you optimize your long-term disease strategy

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Maximize market share

Optimize your long-term disease market strategy with comprehensive market intelligence and takeaways.

Develop and validate your disease market forecasts and gauge the commercial outlook for new brands, generics and key markets with Clarivate (formerly Decision Resources Group) insights.

Review current treatments, profile emerging therapies and assess unmet needs and the corresponding opportunities to maximize your market share.

Why choose us?

  1. Hundreds of indications covered
    Understand where your drugs are positioned and anticipate new products coming into the market.
  2. Integrated data product
    Get the full story of a disease with insights powered by real world data, epidemiology and primary market research.
  3. Rare disease visibility
    Identify the size and composition of smaller patient populations and make an impact on patient lives.
  4. Disease-area expertise
    Unlock the meaning behind the data through our therapy-area experts’ analyses.
  5. Ease of access
    Disease market landscape insights at your fingertips through the Clarivate Insights Platform where you can easily search for what you need.

Comprehensive market landscape solutions

Disease Landscape & Forecast

Optimize your long-term disease market strategy with comprehensive market intelligence and takeaways

  • Detailed market outlook for 85+ indications
  • Based on world-class epidemiology, KOL interviews and Clarivate expert opinion
  • Annualized, bottom-up 10-year forecasts for the G7 segmented by class, brand/generic, and population
  • Updated quarterly based on regulatory, clinical, and market events


Understand the complete disease market landscape and size global markets with real world data

  • Coverage of 200+ diseases and biomarkers across 45 countries and 3,500+ patient segments
  • Transparent and validated bottom-up methods with proprietary models
  • Global coverage using validated models of epidemiological transition and geographical extrapolation
  • Estimates based on combinations of publicly available studies, disease registries, and in-house real world data
  • Manipulate patient-level data across countries, markets and patient sub-groups via (new) interactive data visualization dashboard

Unmet Need

Identify unmet needs to inform clinical development

  • Based on surveys of U.S. and European physicians
  • Conjoint analysis depicts how physicians make decisions based on actual behavior rather than opinion
  • Target Product Profile (TPP) tool allows for customizable market simulations

China In-Depth

Access commercial opportunities and optimize your strategy in China for nearly twenty key indications

  • Featuring broad, deep and geographically diverse primary market research
  • Five thought-leading physician interviews and 50 physician surveys per indication
  • Brand-level sales data and drug profiles with key forecast assumptions

Current Treatment: Physician Insights

Uncover the ‘why’ behind treatment pathways and brand usage

  • Primary market research with 100 U.S. or 250 EU5 physician specialists
  • Key patient characteristics, such as disease severity, genotypes and biomarker status

Treatment Algorithms: Claims Data

Increase brand share with visibility into treatment usage by line of therapy

  • Longitudinal, patient-level claims data
  • U.S. data, covering ~30 million lives, including Medicare supplemental and commercially insured populations
  • Analysis of claims queries covering newly diagnosed patients, recently treated patients, persistency, and compliance

Treatment Sequencing: Oncology

Analyze treatment pathways to support brand positioning, strategic planning and business development

  • Primary market research with 100 U.S. and 250 EU5 physician specialists
  • Clarivate’s specialist-based quantitative drug sequencing analysis

Biosimilars Insights

Size the opportunity in this lucrative market and evaluate the disruptive effects of biosimilars

  • Coverage of the biosimilars market since 2006
  • Market sizing for over 30 reference brand biologics
  • 10-year interactive forecast covering U.S., Europe and Japan
  • Annual surveys of over 500 physicians across six specialties and in-depth interviews with payers from the U.S. and Europe

Access and Reimbursement

Optimize your market access strategy with brand-level insight

  • Based on surveys and interviews with physicians and payers
  • Coverage of more than 75 diseases
  • Disease and brand-specific commentary

Company and Drug Insights

Assess the global pharma market without having to piece together information from a variety of sources

  • Top-down methodology based on company-reported financials
  • Coverage of more than 2,000 drugs and more than 250 companies
  • Brand-level sales data and drug profiles, with key forecast assumptions



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