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Discover previous ideas that can propel today’s research within the meticulously indexed, easily navigable Web of Science Core Collection archive.

  • Build an authoritative understanding of a topic
    Confidently capture the full picture of an idea’s development with access to over 120 years of comprehensively indexed publication and citation data.
  • Easily harness a vast sea of knowledge
    The full interconnected Web of Science Core Collection dataset provides a quick, efficient, and intuitive way to trace ideas through time.
  • Find the right keys to unlock progress
    As technology advances, previous discoveries take on new relevance. Locate previously unrecognized research with high potential to transform research today.

Emerging Sources Citation Index backfile

Confidently navigate the rapidly expanding, global body of journal literature

  • Enable interdisciplinary research
    Connect more research to your primary discovery network. The full Emerging Sources Citation Index file adds 20% more coverage of social sciences and arts & humanities fields.
  • Improve assessment
    Present a more complete picture of research output and impact with deeper publication and citation data for over 8,000 journals.
  • Grow international collaborations
    Discover peers that have been publishing in high-quality journals around the globe and identify centers of excellence outside your region.

Your authoritative guide to over a century of research

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Our consistent, accurate, and complete indexing has created a thorough record of over a century of research progress. Full cover-to-cover indexing of leading journals provides confidence that you can locate all key discoveries relevant to advancing your work.

Find what you need faster

Our complete cited reference capture and indexing opens new ways of searching the literature. Easily query cited reference data or explore billions of connection points between papers that lead you to critical insights quickly.

Research with confidence

Rely on a trustworthy, unbiased research foundation. Each peer-reviewed journal indexed in the Web of Science Core Collection has met the rigorous quality standards in our independent and thorough Web of Science editorial selection process.

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