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Advance innovative research with publication and citation data from the world’s most influential social sciences journals

Research with confidence using trusted content

Research with confidence using trusted content

  1. Uncover hidden connections
    Navigate an interconnected web of multidisciplinary research to locate papers relevant to your work.
  2. Save time
    In an age of misinformation, ensure that the data you discover is from trusted, reliable sources. Editorial experts continuously curate our collection so you don’t have to spend valuable research time vetting sources.
  3. Make high-stakes decisions through a publisher-neutral lens
    Rely on a dataset of the world’s leading social sciences journals selected by in-house experts with no affiliations to publishers or research institutes.
Sustain and advance your programs

Sustain and advance your programs

  1. Get the big picture
    Comprehensive coverage across 47 social sciences disciplines helps you find related research via citation linking and ensures that you’re never working in a silo.
  2. Trace the evolution of an idea
    Over 120 years of comprehensive data enables you to explore the full scope and origins of an idea.
  3. Don’t miss a thing
    Almost half a century of consistent, accurate, and complete indexing has created a dataset of unmatched quality. Cover-to-cover indexing, complete cited reference, author, and affiliation data, and accurate subject classification provide certainty that your analysis is free of gaps.
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