Filing and prosecution support services

Simplify the process of obtaining patent and trademark rights with trusted expertise.

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Filing and prosecution support services

Obtaining patent or trademark rights is a time-consuming task involving multiple processes with interrelated dependencies. Filing and prosecution require in-depth knowledge of legal and administrative requirements.

Entrust your filing and prosecution tasks to Clarivate. Our patent and trademark experts work as an extension of your IP team or outside counsel, improving the efficiency of your process or providing a complete administrative solution. We can identify opportunities for time and cost savings, and free up your team to focus on strategic IP activities.

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  • Mitigate operational risks caused by inefficient processes, inaccurate data or fluctuating headcount.
  • Manage demand spikes and drops with flexible resources available as needed.
  • Improve efficiency and consistency using our tried and tested process methodologies, best practices and workflows.
  • Manage costs effectively with greater cost visibility and predictable pricing for services.
  • Achieve peace of mind knowing that your filing and prosecution is handled by a trusted team of experienced IP experts.

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IP 서비스 | 출원 및 심사지원
IP서비스 | 출원 및 소송지원
IP서비스 | 출원 및 소송지원

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