Top 100 Best Protected Global Brands 2021

Telling the difference

Trust is powerful.

With 21st century complexities, and millions of products available, billions of consumers and companies rely on the shorthand of brands and the system of marks for trust.

Everything a company does, however innovative or meticulous, shapes its brand. They must ensure it can be distinguished and can be trusted. Companies invest in their brand and protect it so that all of us can tell the difference.

While measuring brand power and strength is difficult to distinguish from the value it brings to a company and revenues, we created new data points for every unique textual element registered as a trademark somewhere in the world.

Our team analyzed the data from 80 million active trademark registration records and a combination of six factors, including heritage and persistence, industry and market, footprint, distinctive identity, and uncovered the following insights:

  • Who the top 100 protected brands are
  • The geographic breakdown
  • Which companies have more than one best-protected brand
  • What it takes to make the list
  • The six factors that we used for the rankings
  • What can be learned about brand endurance and B2B commercial identity