Top 100 Global Innovators: Calculating excellence

Fredrik Egrelius
Patent Unit Director
Benjamin Bai
Vice President and Chief IP Counsel
Ant Group
Ed White
Chief Analyst and VP, IP and Innovation Research

The Top 100 Global Innovators™ program recognizes the organizations at the very pinnacle of the innovation ecosystem, those who lead through consistent outperformance. In 2022 we evolved our methodology to one where every invention, no matter the source, is compared to all others.

Watch this webinar, Top 100 Global Innovators: Calculating excellence, to hear directly from companies that made the list—Fredrik Egrelius, Patent Unit Director, Ericsson and Benjamin Bai, Vice President and Chief IP Counsel, Ant Group. These key decision-makers provide insights into how their organizations empower developing real innovation that creates new economic value.

Topics include:

  • A new methodology for innovation assessment
  • Which regions show more, fewer, or first-time entrants to the list
  • The likely shape of future innovation, based on latest trends analysis