On-demand Webinar

Harnessing the Power of Innovation Intelligence

Vasheharan Kanesarajah
Head of Strategy, IP Group
Ed White
Chief Analyst and VP, IP and Innovation Research
Miguel Garcia
Director of Product, Web of Science Platform
Ketan Patel
Vice President, Cortellis Product Platform

Data and analytics can be immensely valuable for helping business and R&D leaders navigate an increasingly complex, interconnected, global marketplace. However, IP and scientific data is only helpful in guiding strategic decisions when it is manageable and easily understood.

In this webinar, four Clarivate experts explain how analyzing IP data, together with scientific content and industry-specific data, can provide organization-wide situational awareness and reveal valuable business insights. Through case studies and data visualizations, they show how to cut through the noise, link data and generate intelligence to help anticipate and evaluate emerging opportunities and potential threats.

Topics include:

  • What is innovation intelligence and why is it commercially useful?
  • Who within the organization should own innovation intelligence?
  • How combining IP data, scientific content and industry data can support better decisions.
  • How derived insights can cut through the noise to reveal valuable insights.