Where Art Meets Science: Researching Industrial Designs

Leo Longauer
VP of Corporate IP
Dr. Robert Stutz
Senior Partner
Beutler Künzi Stutz

Industrial design registrations are on the rise globally yet researching new designs to ensure they don’t infringe on existing registered designs has been notoriously challenging. Resources, time constraints and technology all play a pertinent role. Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is coming to the rescue, powering new ways to search industrial designs faster, more effectively and at a lower cost. In this webinar, two experienced trademark practitioners examine the complexities of the industrial design research process and how intellectual property professionals can avoid their risk of rejection.

Topics include:
• Evaluating strategies for researching industrial designs and assessing results
• Tips for aligning stakeholders from R&D and branding to legal and regulatory
• Case studies that illustrate researching and protecting industrial design assets
• Emerging technologies that are streamlining industrial design research