What stories can IP data tell: Unlocking insights from patent, trademark and litigation data

Jim Belfiore
Senior Vice President of Innovation
Vasheharan Kanesarajah
Vice President, Head of Strategy, IP

Before companies invest in bringing new products and services to market, they want to see clear signals and trends that help validate market acceptance and competitive advantage. A rich, yet often untapped, source of innovation and business insights is found in intellectual property filings and related data. The strategic interrogation of IP data can unlock a wealth of valuable insights to a multitude of knowledge workers—from innovators, scientists and engineers to in-house and law-firm attorneys, to marketing teams and especially the C-suite.

In this exclusive webinar, two Clarivate thought leaders explore how IP data—including patent, trademark and IP litigation data—can reveal insights to inform a range of business-critical decisions.

Topics that are covered include:

  • How IP data can inform decisions regarding competitive threats, innovation strategies, business models, asset valuation, and more.
  • Using IP data to analyze global, regional and industry trends.
  • How IP data can help in forecasting emerging risks and opportunities.
  • The importance of data quality and completeness to IP data analysis.

*The views and opinions in this webinar are those of the contributors and do not necessarily represent the official policy or position of Clarivate™