On-demand Webinar

Brand protection in the age of blockchain

Courtney Ferri
Senior Lead Paralegal
Marc H. Trachtenberg
Chair, Internet, Domain Name, e-Commerce and Social Media Practice
Greenberg Traurig, LLP
Brian King
Head of Government & Industry Relations

Blockchain is rapidly becoming widely adopted by individuals and brands alike. The current value of blockchain technologies, while hard to precisely calculate due to exceptional volatility, is estimated to be more than 1.8 trillion USD. With the arrival of Web3, new ways of doing business and the importance of digital assets, blockchain technology is simultaneously a looming threat and promising opportunity for organizations and IP owners.

Blockchain transactions are, by design immutable and therefore nearly impossible to modify. Their international and direct peer-to-peer nature is unmoderated by intermediaries or institutions, intentionally creating a decentralized network. This decentralized permanence poses a substantial risk to IP owners, as they may lose control of their brand within the blockchain space.

During this webinar, Brand protection in the age of blockchain, the panel of experts explore this new frontier. Topics include:

  • A primer to understand blockchain, NFTs and decentralized technologies
  • What threats and opportunities does blockchain tech hold for IP owners
  • How can organizations protect their IP in the age of blockchain and decentralized environments