On-demand Webinar

Make the most of a lean IP team: managing IP operations amidst a looming recession

Glen Nath
Head of IP Software Products and Consulting
Kelly Springer
Director IP Admin Services
Stephanie Sanders
Managing Director
EY Law

A global recession looms over corporations with many tech companies recently announcing layoffs and implementing hiring freezes. While legal departments in other sectors are less likely to experience layoffs, legal operations and in-house counsel are feeling the pressure of already lean teams in the aftereffects of the Great Resignation.

Added to this pressure, legal departments are expected to reduce costs while intellectual property spending is rising. Corporate IP teams are faced with a challenging task: managing increasing workloads with limited in-house resources.

Watch the webinar to learn how lean IP teams can optimize IP processes and operations, remove overwhelming administrative burdens, and better forecast and manage IP management costs. Hear from our host and panellists as they discuss how the upcoming recession may impact IP departments and the options available to help these teams operate under constrained resources.

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