On-demand Webinar

NPEs in Focus: Examining global non-practicing entity litigation

Eric Sergheraert
Director of Litigation Content Strategy
Neşe Günal
Manager of Content Editing
Host: Rohit Gole
Lead Business Solution Consultant

Six years ago, Clarivate published an in-depth analysis of the patent litigation activities of Non-Practicing Entities (NPEs) and found that patent lawsuits involving NPEs were on the rise European jurisdictions. This report was cited by the Financial Times and Wall Street Journal as it provided an in-depth view into the shifting dynamic of patent litigation worldwide.

In this webinar, we present the findings from our latest analysis, which looks at patent litigation data from 2018 to 2023.

Hear from Clarivate experts Eric Sergheraert, Director of Litigation Content Strategy, and Neşe Günal, Manager of Content Editing as they share key insights from this report and discuss the trends in infringement cases filed by NPEs as well as the patent validity challenges filed against NPEs.

Topics covered:

  • An update on the current state of global litigation involving NPEs
  • Surprising observations about where NPE-initiated patent litigation is growing (and declining)
  • A comparison of validity outcomes of patents owned by NPEs to patents not owned by NPEs
  • An analysis of which jurisdictions have the highest revocation rates of patents owned by NPEs
  • Considerations for companies responding to NPE initiated infringement
  • Plus, learn how Clarivate can help you gain further insights by analyzing patent and litigation data