Key Opinion Leader Dashboard

Use a data-driven approach to identify researchers and leaders.

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Provided by: Clarivate

Use Clarivate data to find leaders in specific disciplines. This service identifies thought leaders quickly and more completely than traditional methods such as solely relying on advertising and marketing companies whose approach may be more biased. We use a large array of datasets including Web of Science literature, patent and life science content and customer and public data such as LinkedIn. Use our service for recruiting and hiring, to pinpoint marketing and sales experts and to find rising stars in regional areas and global markets.

Access critical information for recruiting decisions.

Identify candidates from a large pool of qualified researchers – orders of magnitude more than through traditional recruiting firms – with our data-driven approach. Include data from any Clarivate dataset, client databases or public data sources.

Take advantage of our comprehensive process involving multiple stages to identify talent and experts:

  • Consultation to determine the specific needs of the project.
  • Searching to identify relevant publications.
  • Identification of researchers within the dataset.
  • Calculation of metrics to describe the researchers.
  • Selection and ranking of researchers for detailed profiling.
  • Profiling to give full details of background and expertise.

Take an unbiased approach based on our algorithm, which can be customized to your key criteria such as area of expertise, collaborative network, industry and research expertise, patents, clinical trial participation, conference presentations, and education and associations.

See your results in spreadsheet and customizable expert profiles formats, provided in Word or PowerPoint. Optional intuitive visualizations can be delivered through a secured web-based portal, allowing interaction with the data such as ranking and comparing potential candidates, in-depth analysis of performance indicators and network visualizations.

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