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Solution partner: InfoDesk

Power your strategy for success using objective insights. InfoDesk provides artificial intelligence (AI)-driven technologies to seamlessly integrate all your information sources, Web of Science information and Clarivate databases.

Inform your research with relevant insights and tools.

Discover the most timely and relevant insights. Semi-supervised AI and extensive ontologies enrich the information in InfoDesk to ensure you can surface the most timely and relevant insights from your information sources.

Find relevant content faster. Select from a variety of information delivery tools to provide highly relevant insights to your end users:

  • PipelinePlus: a platform that provides federated search capabilities for simultaneous retrieval of relevant data from multiple drug pipelines
  • InfoViewer: content management tool that enables users to search, organize, tailor and share real-time insights from a wide range of sources
  • InfoMonitor: curated briefing service that delivers highly targeted insights to multiple end users daily, weekly or monthly
  • InfoWatch: mobile-friendly insights portal where information can be accessed and searched from a single place
  • InfoAlert: automated self-subscription email service delivering breaking news and updates directly to the end user

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