The 2021 Trademark Ecosystem Report: Global insights into the optimization of trademark value, protection and technology

What kind of shifts are we seeing in the trademark industry? Despite the severe hit to the global economy inflicted by the pandemic in 2020, the volume of new trademark filings rose, indicative of the global economy’s remarkable resilience.

To gain deeper insights into trademark professionals’ practices, experiences and attitudes, Clarivate sought the views of 300 trademark professionals, both in-house and external counsel, across seven countries/regions for the 2021 Trademark Ecosystem Report.

Key findings include:

  • United States unprecedented volume: The fastest growing trademark register in the world in 2020 was the United States, filing volume increased by an unprecedented 35% over 2019.
  • Trademark infringement continues to rise: 89% of respondents reported trademark infringement, up from 85% in 2019, 81% in 2018 and 74% in 2017.
  • When the C-suite doesn’t pay attention, opportunities are missed: 89% of respondents report opportunities missed due to lack of C-suite engagement.
  • Social media names take center stage: 50% of respondents report that social media names are where many infringements occur.


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