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Derwent Patents Citation Index contains citations of patents and literature during the determination of patentability. DPCI citation makes it easy to find patents that are closely related, or to identify patents that are highly influential in a technology space.

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Derwent Patents Citation Index is an invaluable tool for IP and business professionals to quickly find closely related patents for licensing, litigation and portfolio analysis.  It allows more precise patent citation searches, improving efficiency and ultimately saving time and effort.


Patents and literature including those referenced by the examiner, inventor/author, or opposition/third party during the determination of patentability.


Patent Citation data from all family members in a single record, providing a representation of the invention level citations; massive savings in time and effort.

Citation count

Allows you to easily compare patents to identify those that are more influential.


Authorities from 32 countries.


Value-added Derwent World Patents Index  Assignees and PACO codes to make it easier to find relevant organizations.

Derwent Patents Citation Index is a unique database

162 M

backward citations

182 M

forward citations

39 M

literature citations

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